Valentine’s Day is the day of the year where over-the-top gestures are fully embraced. A fancy dinner, expensive jewelry, even a surprise trip—all these things are normal, and maybe even expected gifts on Valentine’s Day.

But you don’t need theatrics and extravagance to have a beautiful Valentine’s Day. Although there is an expectation of indulgence on this day of the year, most would agree that a lovely bouquet of flowers is the perfect, classic Valentine’s Day gift. Avoid the cliché of a box of chocolates and a cheap supermarket bouquet, and instead get hand-picked preserved flowers you can appreciate for months.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Preserved flowers are the best Valentine’s Day gift because they have the lovely, bright look of fresh flowers, but they last over a year. Unlike dried flowers, they stay supple and lively, making them a pretty and practical choice. The bad thing about fresh flower Valentine’s Day bouquets is that they die in a week or so—not the best omen to celebrate love! Instead of watching your Valentine’s flowers wither and die, you can celebrate love with a vibrant bouquet that lasts over a year. Nothing is more symbolic of long-lasting love than a bouquet of preserved flowers.

Expertly curated, the bouquets at Flowers Are Forever are made to suit different tastes, so you know you won’t be getting a generic bouquet that looks like everyone else’s. 

The Opal bouquet, featuring classic red roses and pops of color from lavender and craspedia, is a bright and fun choice, while the Antique is a soft and dreamy bouquet with XL roses and dainty eryngium. And if you’re looking for the quintessential Valentine’s Day bouquet, the Carmine is a lush red rose bouquet with a dramatic twist. 

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you and your partner aren’t exactly sure how to celebrate the holiday this year, there are plenty of options besides going to dinner or splitting a bottle of wine. One of the best ways to bond with your partner is by trying new things together. 

You could take a romantic walk exploring a new part of your city, or visit a museum the two of you haven’t been to. If you do decide to get dinner, why not try a new restaurant together? You could also surprise your partner with tickets to a show, or a certificate for a fun activity to do together, like a pottery class or rock-climbing. Get creative with it! 

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can make this year’s Valentine’s Day one to remember. It’s known as the most romantic day of the year, and if you’re coupled up, the anticipation for the day is exciting. However, you can enjoy the day even if you’re single. Buy yourself some pretty preserved flowers and have a cozy night in, or go all out and celebrate with your friends. Valentine’s is a day not just for romance, but also for showing your friends, your family, and yourself some love!