Pre-styled bouquets that will last for over a year!

With an eye for mother nature and a long and joyful process we created preserved bouquets that will warm up your home for over a year!

We took real flowers and preserved them with natural materials. Same materials that are used for food and cosmetics. 100% environment friendly!

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Enjoy your bouquet for more then a year

We already pre-styled your bouquet. In the box you will find your bouquet carefully packed. With the deluxe bouquets your vase is tidy and carefully packed inside the box. All you have to do is take it out and fluff it up! The bouquet will warm up your home for over a year.

Have an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

If you and your partner aren’t exactly sure how to celebrate the holiday this year, there are plenty of options besides going to dinner or splitting a bottle of wine....

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