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Pieter van den Berg

As the child of a bulb grower, my brothers and I started growing and exporting flower bulbs and growing flowers in Kenya and Ecuador.

In Ecuador I came into contact with preserved roses and my interest was aroused. I saw that the flower world could be completely changed with this. I currently focus entirely on making bouquets with long-life flowers.

Lidwien Ossewaarde

I have always worked in marketing so that I can express my creativity in this. And what could be more fun than beautiful flowers? ;-)

In my spare time I like to illustrate, paint and walk in the woods with my dog.

HR employee
Oden the labradoodle

I like to sleep and play in the office. Every now and then I run away with a flower in my mouth.

I make sure everyone who comes into the office has a smile on their face. Woof.

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