What Is the Difference Between Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers?

People use flowers ceremonially, as gifts, and as décor. It’s safe to say flowers are one of the most classic and timeless things you can give to someone or use to brighten up your space. Some may say the ephemeral nature of fresh flowers is part of what makes them so beautiful—they only last so long before they die, so you must appreciate the beauty before it’s gone. But does the beauty really have to fade?

What if You Could Preserve Flowers’ Beauty?

Enter dried and preserved flowers! Most people know about drying flowers; you may have even dried a flower yourself by hanging it by its stem or pressing it between the pages of a book. Others dry their flowers using freeze-drying, microwaving, and other treatments to extend the life of the flower. While these methods do make flowers last longer, flowers that are dried this way don’t always look as nice as you’d hope. They often end up losing a lot of color and freshness, leading them to look and feel lifeless.

Preserving your flowers, on the other hand, maintains that vibrant and lively look, and your flowers stay looking fresh for over a year. Flowers are preserved using a refined method: the flowers are put in an environmentally friendly glycerin mixture when they are at their most ideal blooming state, and the glycerin then preserves the flower by replacing all the liquid in the flower. This means that the dead, brittle look of dried flowers is completely avoided. From bloom to stem, the preserved flower will maintain its original supple texture and vivid color. The difference between a dried flower and a preserved flower can best be demonstrated by a rose—the dried rose will look withered, while the preserved rose will look identical to a fresh rose.

Good For You, Good For the Planet

Choosing preserved flowers over fresh flowers is also a more sustainable option. In a world moving away from single use products, preserved flowers that last a long time are much more earth-friendly than store-bought fresh flowers that die in a week. The glycerin we use to preserve our flowers is all-natural and is used in cosmetics and food, making it safe, natural, and good for the planet.

Dried flowers, fresh flowers, and preserved flowers all have their own positives, but if you’re looking for a durable, sustainable, cost-effective, and vibrant option, preserved flowers are a great option.

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